Awesome Custom Coins by Challengecoins4less

Whether you are collecting, selling, trading or giving someone a special custom coin, Challengecoins4less is the best place to get one. We, at Challengecoins4less, offer a wide range of quality custom coin products that will surely let you see the remarkable craftsmanship applied to create every single custom coin. These uniquely beautiful custom coins are made to suit our every customer’s preference and request.

Gifts, Collection, Business, Awards

Our custom made coins are perfect for all occasions, events and celebrations. We can create and send coins to everyone for special gifts to family and loved ones, company recognitions, special awards ceremonies, special commemorations, and even educational purposes. Basically, you just name it and we will do it for you.Custom Coins
We have major categories of coins where you can easily choose from. We have military coins, police coins, fire department coins, and corporate coins. These coins are at their best possible quality and artistic design to satisfy all of our customers. They come in nice colors and they have class and elegance, guaranteed to make each client happy.

Design and Build

The craftsmanship dedication on every custom coin made is insurmountable in order to produce the best quality that our customers deserve. Each coin is packaged with the best antique finish, semi-transparent enamel, diamond cut edges, classy display cases, and custom packaging. As a valued customer, you will also have multiple options, making it possible to find one, which perfectly suits you.

You can choose from our wide selection of metal styles, diamond cut edges, 3D designs, customized shapes, coin cutouts, keychain attachments, bottle opener, and different stylish packaging. With these choices, you can definitely appreciate our products. You also have an assurance that the coin you will get perfectly suits your demands and preferences.

For the metal styles, you can choose from gold, silver, nickel, brass, copper, and duo-tone metal types. All these metal types have their own style – from antique to polished variant. For our packaging options, you can go for a simple PVC clear pouch, a black classy velvet bag, a state-of-the-art coin capsule, the formal and elegant velvet box, a nice coin stand, and even a customizable imprint pouch!
You can truly get whatever design you want from us. You won’t even feel limited with only conventional designs once you order from us.

Free Quote and Digital Artwork Sample

If you want to get a more visible preview and price of custom coin order before you start purchasing, we can give you a free digital version of the design with its corresponding quotation. Our customer service representatives will be ready to assist you within 24 hours of your request. You just have to provide the relevant information we need to create the design you have in mind.Military Coin
After filling out the information sheet, our customer service representatives will respond to you via email. Remember that you are not obliged to purchase or order a custom coin once you request for a design. Feel free to request for any further revisions and this is for free.


Our custom made coins have one of the best pricing in the industry with its quality of outputs. We also don’t apply hidden charges – what you see is what you only pay for. If ever you want to add extra designs or features, we won’t charge you extra! One of the best parts is that you can expect free shipping the US. Another thing is that we can cancel the mold fee if you order 300 or more pieces in a single receipt.

The coin prices vary and will depend on the sizes. If you want to get more details on the pricing of our custom coins, you can visit our site. This will let you see the actual prices for Die Struck, One Side Color, and Both Sides Color coins. The pricing for the additional coin options are also on our site.


Ordering custom coins from us has never been easier and faster. We have a simple online form and always-ready customer service representatives. What you just need to do is to go to our website and fill up the free quote form then you may now submit it.

In not more than 24 hours, one of our friendly customer service representatives with reply to you via email to provide the sample design and price quotation you’ve requested on the online form. Always keep in mind that we don’t charge extra for these quote requests and you are also not obliged to purchase if you didn’t like to continue with whatever quotation you received.
Other methods of ordering to us are via email and toll-free hotline. You may email us at and wait for a response within 24 hours or simply call us through our number. It’s as easy as that so don’t wait any longer and get what you deserve.

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ChallengeCoins4Less is your one-stop source for great custom coins and challenge coins of all kinds. We are dedicated to top quality products, great pricing and giving our customers the best customer service they can get anywhere.

The Basis Of In Determining Successful Speakers

With the increasing number of events, gatherings, conventions, and conferences being held nowadays, there has been a consistent demand for motivational speakers. If you, yourself, are looking for a speaker for your upcoming organization’s convention, you have come into the right place. will help you filter out those motivational speakers who cannot facilitate a successful talk.

We will help you make your investment for a good speaker worthy by giving you the list below. We have enumerated the traits that should serve as your bases in hiring motivational speakers.


There are different kinds of motivational speakers, depending on their lines of expertise. Personal development speakers can talk about achieving success in life for hours and hours with ease. Business motivational speakers know how to initiate positive change to organizations to help them hit their target.

Motivational Speakers

There are also youth mentor speakers that are there to aid young people with information regarding the problems and situations that they may face in life. Community speakers target the general public; they also aim to inform and evoke positive change. Community speakers talk about a variety of topics, ranging from health to environment.

To determine which among the said motivational speakers fit your job requirement, you have to think about what subject you want them to tackle. From then, you can narrow down your choices of speakers.


We recommend you to hire motivational speakers who have already spoken about a topic aligned with your requirement. believes that experienced motivational speakers are better than intelligent motivational speakers. The latter may be equipped with knowledge, but not with the skills in public speaking and dealing with a large group in general.

You can always ask your probable motivational speakers about their past speaking gigs. You can ask the contact number of their previous clients; talk to their clients and inquire about their performance. You can also ask the speakers for testimonials.

Experienced speakers have many techniques under their sleeves that are always adjustable for your specific needs, unlike inexperienced speakers who are still figuring out techniques of their own.


We do not recommend anyone to hire intelligent skilled motivational speakers who do not have integrity. Hire speakers who are honest. To know if you can trust them, ask past clients about their experiences working with the speaker. You especially needed honest speakers if you are to disclose some organizational information to them for their speech.

Keynote Speaker

You have to verify that every data the speakers stated are correct, like their personal data, educational attainment, and career background. You do not want to lose your integrity too by hiring untruthful motivational speakers.


Hire motivational speakers who respect you. They should respect your time by always arriving early during your meetings and most especially, the day of the talk. They should also follow the rules and regulations inside the venue of the conference like everybody else. do not advice you to hire motivational speakers who think of themselves as VIPs and who cannot observe even the simplest SOPs. Those speakers have the tendency to go up stage like an actor who seeks an acting award for his performance. They may forget that they are hired to provide knowledge to the audience.


Good motivational speakers offer only the precise information to their audience as needed. Before their speech, they review their statistics and their facts. They should only have credible resources; otherwise, their own credibility may be affected.

Good motivational speakers also know which of their information has to be emphasized, which should be repeated, and which should be elaborated. Great speakers avoid fluff; this is to show how they value the time and effort of their audience.


Motivational believes that successful speakers carry positive aura. They always have a smile on their faces. They also establish eye contact with their listeners. This is because their job is to inspire their audience to make a positive change.

Corporate speakers have to motivate employees to be optimistic in achieving their quota; they cannot do this if they do not believe in themselves too. Youth mentors cannot inspire young people to reach for their dreams when they do not make an effort to do exactly that because of their fear of failure. In other words, successful motivational speakers live up to their words. We can say that successful speakers are also those who achieve success in life.


It is important for motivational speakers to have a sense of humor if they do not want to bore their audience. Hire motivational speakers who can punch good jokes. They will keep their audience engaged in their talk.

A person’s mind always wanders; we cannot focus on one thing for a long time. Because of that fact, motivational speakers should do ice breakers where they can tell a funny story on an anecdote to once again, get the attention of the audience whose attention had wandered elsewhere.

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Here you can believes that experienced motivational speakers are better than intelligent motivational speakers. We prescribe you to employ motivational speakers who have effectively talked around a point adjusted to your necessity.

Taylormade Golf: Have Your Clubs Tailor-Made And Enhance Your Golfing Career

Golf is not just a sport, it is a skill. It takes an immense amount of time to master such skill. It could get really intimidating especially for novices. The more a player improves the skill, the more the sport can be expensive.

Why Is It Expensive Anyway?

This sport is expensive mainly because of the equipment needed to play it. It starts from simple and basic golf clubs, a few golf balls, a bag, and a tee or two. In addition, extra paraphernalia would be eventually needed like shoes and other clothing accessories.

Taylormade GolfAs time goes by, a golfer would be involved in more games and tournaments or some fun matches with friends or colleagues. Having said that, it only means one thing and that suggests investment. Playing golf is like investing in stocks, however the only difference is that in stocks the investment is not really cash-out and it is either a win or lose in terms of money, whereas in golf, money is usually spent to buy more equipment or upgrade stuff, not to mention the membership fees in golf clubs.

For the professional golfers and the golf collectors, money is not an issue. It is all about the quality. The quality of the equipment and the performance of the player are two assets that can never be separated. Good equipment is nothing if a player is sloppy on his performance. On the other hand, a great player is also nothing if his equipment is outdated.

Nowadays, the club fitting system or technology has become a trend and more and more companies are offering a club fitting system that will help foster a better golfing experience. This system is used by companies to produce a golf club that is designed for the user.

Club Fitting Is Beneficial For The Player. Why?

The reason is that the better the fit, the better the golfer hits the balls, therefore the better the golfer’s score gets. That is why Taylormade Golf provides an innovative solution that develops quality equipment for the quality player for a considerable price.

Taylormade Golf BagBeing a son of a professional golfer and having experience in selling golf equipment, Gary Adams has all that is needed to build a golf company that would exceed the expectations of both amateurs and professionals. He founded the TaylorMade Golf Company in 1979 after getting a few thousand dollars from his home loan. The company started with only three employees including Mr. Adams and a single product that needs improvement. From then on, the company grew larger, became more known to people, and later on has worked its way to the top brands and proved its grounds in the golf industry. Until now, the company offers superior groundbreaking products that continuously raise the bar and meet more than the anticipations of all golfers.

For a better and more comprehensive experience in golfing, TaylorMade Golf offers exceptional services that would unquestionably boost the performance of a player. After all, a performance that is more than just ordinary is a huge step towards success in the career. Its services include a portable club fitting cart, an indoor practice golf course, performance events and laboratories.

The portable club fitting cart is a wheeled cart that holds numerous club heads and shafts. It allows users to mix and match the parts to optimize their swing and stroke. TaylorMade Golf has created a topnotch performance center that houses an indoor course powered by motion sensors. Performance events provide roving product sampling outside the center. Of course, everything will be impossible without the laboratories where all creations are prepared.